​   About Magiczone

    Magiczone is a Suzhou based maufacturer with business philosophy of "Good faith , High efficiency".

    We started in 2001 and changed to the current official name in 2008. Relying on strict quality control and efficient order fulfillment capability, we fortunately hold several long-term cooperative business partners. Now our daily production capacity: 3000 sets of series products.


    To meet different customer needs, we created 2 processes .

  • For customers take best quality as life, we offer up to 7-steps quality test, from raw materials to the final products, covering the whole production cycle, ensure every product meets the quality requirements.
  • For customers who consider the price as the biggest consideration, we select the most appropriate materials and maximize the simplification of production processes, so as to produce the most competitive products

    If need samples, please contact us or buy it directly in production page. Any questions please leave a message, or call us directly, thank you.

           Magiczone 2017.6.15

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