Refund & Exchanges

Full or Partial Refund

* We will provide a full refund in the event of the following outcome(s):

You never received your item(s)

* If the items are not as described.

You can accept a partial refund and then keep the item(s).

You can return the item(s) for a full refund


If your item is in new condition, you may exchange your item for a different size or color (if available). We will exchange for you as soon as we received the return item.

How To Return An Item

Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. Items must be returned within 10 days after parcel been signed.

* Please contact us before return items.

* There is a form sheet in your package. Please fill in the order ID and the reasons for the return of  the goods, with what we could match the returned parcel with customer request, thank you.

IMPORTANT: Since we offer free shipping worldwide, it is important that you assume the return Shipping & Handling costs.